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To empower you when representing our UT Health San Antonio brand on social media

This resource is intended to empower you when representing 
our UT Health San Antonio brand on social media.


E pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

The motto of the United States of America parallels the motto of UT Health San Antonio in our unified commitment to come together to improve the world. We are 10,000 strong — working every day to transform lives through top-tier education, groundbreaking research, community engagement, and excellent patient care.

For all of our diverse audiences, passions and purposes, one common voice emerges: Together, we champion health for all. Whether we are new students, cutting-edge researchers, expert faculty or trusted staff, we are advancing health in our region and around the world as we learn, teach, discover and heal.

As we go about our mission to Make Lives Better each day, we want to present every aspect of UT Health San Antonio to the world in an attractive, unified and consistent way – especially on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more have forever changed the way we communicate and gather information. While these social networks reach fans and followers in unique ways, we have the power to present a united message as we champion health for all. Due to the immediacy and ubiquity of social media, we have an opportunity to reach into the lives of our audiences, and make them better, like never before.

In fact, the digital world has forever changed the relationship between patients, doctors and health care facilities, which means now is the ideal time to deliver compelling, relevant content to potential patients and the future students who will heal them. Patients now research their symptoms online before ever setting foot in a doctor’s of ce. They talk to their friends on social media about their options. They even ask for recommendations for a good doctor online.

UT Health San Antonio must be present in the conversation, too, showing how we advance health for all through discovery and care. We want our audiences to see us as a trusted, forward-thinking leader through research and treatments. We want to be known as compassionate healers through lasting experiences. We want people to feel wiser through learning about our innovative breakthroughs.

Our online presence should reflect all of our brand promises, so this guide represents our best thinking on how to use social media in a professional manner according to the mission, vision and values of UT Health San Antonio. Because the online world is ever-changing, some of the specific recommendations may evolve over time, but the basic principles provide a solid foundation for our future.

This Social Media Strategy Guide is intended to empower you when representing our UT Health San Antonio brand on social media.

UT Health San Antonio

What's Included

Just for you.

Within this site, we are providing a repository of resources that all UT Health San Antonio social media accounts should apply. These resources include:

  • A Social Media Brand Identity that defines who we are, what we want to be known for, why our social media 
 channels exist, and where we are present on social media.
  • Social media policies to help UT Health San Antonio’s digital leaders learn and use proper social media dialogue and practices, specifically tailored to the UT Health San Antonio brand.
  • A fresh start guide on how to setup and optimize our social media channels to get the most out of them.
  • A brand toolkit that will outline the official assets UT Health San Antonio will use to communicate on social 
 media, including language, avatars, logos and imagery.


  • A Social Media Strategy Guide that sets forth a series of strategies and recommendations to help you connect
 with your audience, build engagement, generate leads, and measure your progress.

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