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Guidelines + Policy

Communicate in a voice aligned with the brand

User Guidelines and Social Media Policy

How We Communicate

To keep our brand relevant and powerful through periods of growth and attract prospects to the UT Health San Antonio brand, it’s important we drive our voice, tone, and brand personality across all our social media communication to support our brand promise. These guidelines were created for UT Health San Antonio’s marketing and communication professionals, to communicate in a voice aligned with the brand. The following personality traits will provide guidance as to how our brand should communicate on social media.

UT Health San Antonio

Brand Personality


Our leadership in teaching, healing and research is motivated by our dedication to ethics. When patients choose us for care, and students choose us for advancing their profession, both groups will have opportunities they would not have anywhere else. It’s also important to remember our researchers, faculty and staff followers entrust their careers, principles and reputation to us.

  • Be respectful
  • Mind confidentiality and HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Do not speak poorly about others

We DO say:
“Thanks for putting your health in our hands. We take this responsibility very seriously.”

We DON’T say:
“The hospital across town doesn’t know how to treat this as well as we do.”


Forward Thinking

Keeping our eyes on the future and at the forefront of biomedicine and health sciences allows us to champion health for all. We thrive on pioneering and new discoveries to bring advanced care and healing to our patients. We are proactive and curious to push boundaries and open new horizons to bring the promise of tomorrow, today.

  • Do not falsely represent yourself
  • Avoid commentary and engagement about offensive topics
  • Do not share material that belongs to others

We DO say:
“We pioneered this treatment right here at UT Health San Antonio!”

We DON’T say:
“You would never have gotten better if it were not for us.”



To gain trust and forward thinking leadership, it’s necessary we show how we’re a motivating force to our students, faculty, patients, donors, employees and our community. We are fully grounded in our scientific pursuits and we apply our knowledge in our classrooms and practices to advance the health of our patients.

  • Establish authority
  • Be helpful & courteous
  • Be careful about what you say

We DO say:
“We have some exciting new techniques to teach to this year’s med students.”

We DON’T say:
“We’re the best med school for your money.”



Creating a healthier tomorrow is an encompassing approach, bringing compassion and loyalty to our advances in care. We are experts at understanding people and bringing a shared set of values and goals with our patients, students, researcher, faculty and staff. We are charged with being a mentor, guide and shepherd to our students, patients, community and all who come in touch with our brand.

  • Understand everything is public
  • Inform and protect
  • Do not complain

We DO say:
“That must be hard to deal with. We will do our best to help you turn things around.”

We DON’T say:
“We can only do so much.”



We are healers. We are the wingman to our patients, students faculty and staff, bringing health, advancement, achievement and a sense of belonging. Our loyalty helps our patients get back to life and fully supports our academic communities supporting students as future healers and leaders in their endeavors bringing health to all in San Antonio, Texas and beyond.

  • Be diligent
  • Do not personify or speak in first person
  • Support a positive work environment

We DO say:
“We will do whatever it takes to get you back to normal. We have a great community of experts who are all behind you.”

We DON’T say:
“It’s really difficult dealing with so many sick people. I’m not sure how long it will be until you’re better.”

UT Health San Antonio
UT Health San Antonio

Social Media Policy

  1. Familiarize yourself with existing UT Health San Antonio’s employment policies and disclaimers. All communication professionals should follow all rules and policies.
  2. Do not engage in any communication or activity that is prohibited under federal, state or local laws. These laws include, but are not limited to, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), copyright, libel and false advertising laws.
  3. Do not discuss or disclose any confidential or proprietary information of UT Health San Antonio, or any non-public information on social media.
  4. Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly. Be professional, use good judgment and be accurate and honest in your communications; errors, omissions or unprofessional language or behavior reflect poorly on UT Health San Antonio and may result in liability. Link directly to online references and original source materials, when possible.
  5. The UT Health San Antonio Marketing, Communications & Media team reserves the right to edit, modify, remove or delete any content or other information or materials on official UT Health San Antonio social media profiles, groups or pages. UT Health San Antonio also reserves the right to delete or suspend official UT Health San Antonio accounts if violations are committed.
  6. Social media platforms are owned by third parties, which have their own policies and rules for operating accounts on the site and, often, specific rules for brands and businesses. It is important that account managers understand the rules or guidelines they agree to abide by in operating any account. Below are links to the brand pages of social media channels, to understand best practices and proper uses of their channel and brand assets.
    Facebook Brand Resource Center
    Twitter Brand Guidelines
    Instagram Brand Resources
    YouTube Brand Guidelines
    Google+ Style Guide
    LinkedIn Brand Guidelines
    Snapchat Brand Guidelines
  7. UT Health San Antonio reserves the right to revise this policy at any time.

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