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Brand Toolkit

Our social media brand assets and best practices for using them.

Adhere to these guidelines to bring more value to your social media presence and continue elevating perception of UT Health San Antonio.

General Use

The main driver of our brand is our visual identity. The UT Health San Antonio name, logo, colors and language contribute to the public’s perception of our character, values, standards and vision. Proper use of our brand assets will give your page a united look and brand standard – while still allowing us to develop personal relationships with our social media followers.

Be Authentic

Our UT Health San Antonio brand assets are our visual language, conveying our values to the world. Use the brand carefully and purposefully and never for your own personal benefit – remember that you are UT Health San Antonio when you are posting from official accounts.

Use only the official logos, avatars, colors and fonts you find here. It is not acceptable to modify them in any way, even if you think it is for a greater purpose. Design-thinking leadership has gone into this brand identity, so use it appropriately to grow your social media presence while bringing continued value to our organization.

If you have a question that is not covered in this guide, contact the Office of Marketing, Communications & Media.

UT Health San Antonio
UT Health San Antonio

Brand Guidelines

This guide creates a framework whereby all UT Health San Antonio organizations and units can present themselves to Texas and the world with a unified look and brand standard, while maintaining the individuality that we prize. We hope you will find these guidelines to be useful and that you employ them in ways that suit your specific needs.

UT Health San Antonio

Strategy Guide

Our online presence should reflect all of our brand promises, so this guide represents our best thinking on how to use social media in a professional manner according to the mission, vision and values of UT Health San Antonio

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