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Who are we?

At UT Health San Antonio, our vision is that together, we champion health for all. Our strength comes as we collaborate to combine education, research, patient care and community to provide a comprehensive approach to health care for San Antonio, for Texas and beyond.

Who Are We?

For people working together to create a healthier tomorrow, today, UT Health San Antonio is advancing health for all through education, discovery and care. We want everyone to experience the benefits of a healthier life, and we cannot think of a better way to accomplish this than to teach the next generation, investigate new frontiers and take care of those who are sick.

  • We are trusted, forward-thinking catalysts who like to be on the leading edge of new discoveries as we venture towards new horizons.
  • We are compassionate healers who see each case not just as a transaction, but as a human being in need of care.
  • We are health wise – we want every interaction with a student, patient or member of the community to leave them smarter and more confident about their health.
Doctors looking at xrays

What do we want to be known for?

The mission of UT Health San Antonio is to Make Lives Better through excellence in education, research, health care and community engagement.

  • Educational transformations from student to providers and scientists.
  • Leadership in advanced research of health and disease.
  • Distilling how breakthroughs and discoveries will benefit our community.
  • Encouraging and providing exceptional health care in our community.
  • Influencing the advancement of health policy.


Why do our social media channels exist?

UT Health San Antonio cultivates a strategic presence on social media for the following purposes:

  • To create awareness of our education, research, patient care and community endeavors.
  • To showcase our schools, clinics, programs, events, faculty and staff, students, researchers, alumni, donors, philanthropists, patients, funders and the community at large in order to drive growth.
  • To generate and convert our target audiences from prospects to consumers.
UT Health San Antonio

Where are we present?

Here, you will find a listing of social media channels where UT Health San Antonio has a presence. There is a purpose behind our breadth of channels and profiles, and we’re providing a brief explanation why we are using each of these social media channels, along with those UT Health San Antonio accounts or profiles within each channel.


Facebook pages celebrate how our audience inspires us, supports us and helps us discover the world when we connect. UT Health San Antonio Facebook pages help us find new followers and audiences, educate our current fans and share information about programs, offerings and events at UT Health San Antonio. Our Facebook pages also help us build a community of people with common interests who can then engage each other and UT Health San Antonio through Likes, Shares and Comments. Influencers in our Facebook community can also share stories, photos, rankings, updates and other content to drive growth for UT Health San Antonio.


Twitter connects everyone to what’s happening in the world right now through trending content, conversations and concise posts of 140 characters. UT Health San Antonio Twitter accounts give us a place to be when news happens and allows us to stay up-to-date on current events that affect the health care world. Followers and audiences can engage with us on Twitter as we share information about programs and offerings, breaking news on our research discoveries and timely updates on events at UT Health San Antonio. Retweets and Likes are a good indication of audience participation, and replies are an opportunity ripe for engagement


Instagram is the home for visual storytelling for everyone with an emphasis on mobile use. UT Health San Antonio Instagram accounts let us showcase our creative side through photos and videos. We can focus on the wonderful people who make up our organization to create an attractive profile of UT Health San Antonio – this includes students, doctors, professors, patients, donors and more. We can also take our audience behind-the-scenes and expand our reach through the use of hashtags. Fans can interact with us through Likes and Comments, which will help drive our growth.


YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire; it acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers, both large and small. YouTube gives UT Health San Antonio a chance to interact with our audiences through broadcast video. Our leadership can speak directly to the community, we can showcase programs, people and events and we can capture attention in ways that go beyond the written word. Video is a tremendous medium to tell the stories of our students, patients and health professionals with maximum impact. Our audiences can comment on videos and share them easily to drive continued growth.


LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. UT Health San Antonio uses LinkedIn to share news, updates, career opportunities and content specifically geared to professionals in our academic and health communities. Our audiences here include not only employees, students and health professionals, but many stakeholders and influencers throughout the health care industry. We will tailor the content we share here to include articles and information that show our leadership in the industry. As we gain more and more followers on LinkedIn, our reach will continue to expand.

For detailed information about each of these accounts, please refer to the Social Media Strategy Guide.

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