At UT Health San Antonio, each of us is on a journey to help create a better tomorrow. So we’re dedicating a week to honor your accomplishments and enhance the ways our organization listens, works and grows together.


I am on a journey for a better tomorrow. To make every life I touch better, through knowledge, understanding, compassion and integrity. Today I promise better, with 10,000 strong united as one.

In the spirit of #IPromiseBetter, here are a few of the promises from attendees at Spirit Week.






Wow! Spirit Week 2017 was a HUGE success for UT Health San Antonio! It was a weeklong celebration of food, fun and teamwork from San Antonio to Laredo!

Across all campuses and locations, we’d like to thank our students, employees and faculty for joining together to celebrate a successful year for UT Health San Antonio. This year’s theme––People, Passion, Promise––was evident in the excitement and smiles seen throughout the week during Tshirt Pick Up Days, Gallery Walk, Lunch On The Lawn and the President’s Forum. And while the theme was clearly represented on our Promise T-shirts and SWAG (Stuff We All Get), its presence was strongest as we united in our volunteering, teamwork and friendship.

But let’s get to the most important question on everyone’s mind: WHO WON THE iPHONE X???

drumroll please….


Winner of iPhone XThe winner is ALEXANDER HERNANDEZ from the UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry!

Please join us as we congratulate Alexander on his BIG win and a phone for the future!

From the leadership at UT Health San Antonio, thank you again for a wonderful year as we promise a better future and build a culture of excellence. Together, we will reach our mission goals in education, research, health care and community engagement to create a better tomorrow.


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Brand and Style Guidelines

One aspect of UT Health San Antonio’s brand is our visual identity. When the public views an item that carries our organization’s visual identity, they form or modify an opinion about our character, values, standards and goals. More than colors, fonts and logos, our brand and visual identity is an important marketing and communications tool that must be employed with care and consideration. This guide creates a framework whereby all UT Health San Antonio organizations and units can present themselves to Texas and the world with a unified look and brand standard, while maintaining the individuality that we prize. We hope you will find these guidelines to be useful and that you employ them in ways that suit your specific needs.
Full Brand Guidelines PDF

This guide is designed to help answer basic questions about how to use the UT Health San Antonio logo and brand. Not every question will be answered in this guide, however. For issues not covered in this guide, contact the Office of Marketing, Communications and Media. Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply.

Logo downloads

To download the institutional logo as a JPG, click on the links below and then right-click the image and select “Save Target as” to your desktop.

Institutional logo – horizontal color (preferred format)

Institutional logo – vertical color


Looking for additional file formats of the logo? Download the following .zip file which contains both vertical and horizontal logo formats in EPS, JPG, GIF and PNG files.

Institutional logos (all formats)


Institutional logo with full, Regental name

The use of the following logo is recommended in cases where our new DBA is not yet known/familiar; when advertising in professional journals or websites; and/or in any situation where confusion may still be present and the bridging back to identify with our formal name might be helpful. For a year of building awareness for our nickname, this is the logo that should be utilized on letterhead. Click the button below to download a .zip file that contains both vertical and horizontal logo formats in EPS, JPG, GIF, and PNG files.

Institutional logo (Full Name)

Academic logos

Click on a button below to download a .zip file that contains both vertical and horizontal logo formats in EPS, JPG, GIF, and PNG files.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

School of Health Professions

School of Dentistry

Long School of Medicine

School of Nursing

Patient care logos

Click on a button below to download a .zip file that contains both vertical and horizontal logo formats in EPS, JPG, GIF, and PNG files.

Nursing logo

Dentistry logo

Secondary logo for UT Health Physicians: The Physicians logo is a distant-second alternative option to the very strongly preferred UT Health San Antonio institutional logo. The UT Health San Antonio institutional logo is the primary logo to be used in matters related to UT Health Physicians, the clinical practice of the Long School of Medicine. To download the secondary logo, please click the button below.

Physicians logo

Correct name usage

The consistent use of our name plays a critical role in the university’s identity system by building greater recognition throughout the community and the world.

Although we are now adding a “DBA” (Doing Business As) name for the university, our formal, official, Regental name – given to us by The University of Texas System Board of Regents – remains unchanged.

Official/Regental Name

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

When writing text for brochures, press releases, print ads and other longer pieces of communication, the recommended designations for our name are:

First Reference

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Second Reference

UT Health San Antonio

(This is the new “DBA” (Doing Business As) name for the university.)

Third Reference

UT Health San Antonio

or: the Health Science Center

or: the university

or: the health science center

or: an academic health center

When the UT Health San Antonio name appears as text, there should be no space between the “U” and the “T,” and periods are not used in the “UT” abbreviation.

Abbreviations and acronyms, such as “UTHSCSA” or “UTHSA,” are not to be used in any outward-facing communications as they fail to clearly convey our name, identity and reputation to the general public.

Clinical practice names

UT Health Physicians; or

UT Health Physicians practice; or

the physicians practice of UT Health

UT Dentistry

UT Health Nursing practice

Mays Cancer Center, the newly named home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center

Logo clear space and minimum size

Clear space

Leave a clear space around the logo that is no less that the width of the “H” in “Health”.


Minimum size

For most uses, size the logo so that “UT Health” is 2 inches wide or larger. The logo should never be less than .75″ wide.

Email signature

Below is a sample of an email signature that can be utilize by employees to create a unified look across the institution. While it is not necessary to include the logo in your email signature, it is recommended.

Email signature sample

Adding the logo to your e-mail signature:

Download the logo by right-clicking the image below and save the image to your “My Pictures” folder.

Open your e-mail program.
From the menu at the top, click on “Tools” and select “Options.”
Select the “Mail Format” tab.
Near the bottom of that tab, click on “Signatures.” A “Create Signature” window will open.
If you do not have an e-mail signature, you can create one. If you have an e-mail signature, highlight it in the signature box and select “Edit.”
Move the cursor to the end of your signature text and add two soft returns (Shift+Enter).
Right-click in the area where the cursor is located after the soft returns and select “Insert Image.”
Click on “Browse” under “Picture Source” and select the logo that you added into your “My Pictures” folder. Click “Open.”
Click “Ok” on the remaining windows.
Create a new e-mail and your signature should now display the logo.

Business cards, letterhead and envelopes

Business cards, letterhead and envelopes may only be ordered from UT Print to ensure the correct format, color and stock is used.

Business card samples

Letterhead and envelope samples

PowerPoint template

The following PowerPoint templates are available for use by the UT Health San Antonio community. The templates can be downloaded by clicking on the buttons below.

Standard Template (4:3)

Widescreen Template(16:9)

Print color palette

By implementing these identity colors across different materials, UT Health San Antonio can develop a signature look.

For a larger view of the palette, please click on the image below.


It is important to consistently use our brand fonts, so that our brand is always “dressed” in a consistent style that portrays our institution as trusted, forward-thinking and compassionate. Our main brand font is a serif font, Goudy.


Headlines and Subheads: Goudy Oldstyle Bold

Body Copy Text: Goudy Oldstyle

Captions: Goudy Oldstyle Italic


Subheads: Avenir Black

Alternative fonts

It is recommended that the main brand fonts (Goudy and Avenir) be used in all communications. However, when those fonts are not available (for a PowerPoint or Word document), use these alternate fonts.

Headlines and Subheads: Georgia Bold

Body Copy Text: Georgia

Captions: Georgia Italic

Subheads: Arial Bold

Customized logos for departments/programs/units

Requests for individual department, program and unit logos will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To submit a request for a customized logo, please send an email to UTHealthBranding@uthscsa.edu and provide the following information:

Subject line: Customized logo request [provide your department/program/unit here]

Name of person requesting logo:

Department/program/unit of the person requesting logo:


Phone number:

Department/program/unit name for which customized logo is requested:

Web style guidelines

If you have a specific question regarding web design, please contact WebLife.

Web color palette

The following colors are recommend to use on university web pages. These colors meet accessibility requirements for web pages.


Web fonts

The following web fonts are recommended for university web pages.

Headlines: David Libre Bold and Regular

Subheads: Open Sans Bold or Bold Italic

Body copy: Open Sans Regular or Italic

Social media guidelines

Guidelines for using the logo on social media platforms will be available soon. If you have a specific question, please email socialmedia@uthscsa.edu

Logo usage on promotional items

Please email Nancy Arispe Shaw, senior executive director of communications, for approval of logo usage on t-shirts and other promotional items.

Tag line

“We make lives better®” is the tag line for The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, now doing business as UT Health San Antonio™. It reinforces our mission to educate health professionals, provide health care, conduct research for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and serve our communities.

Official Seal

The seal is considered the most formal symbol of the institution. Use is reserved for official business, including business papers of the Office of the President, commencement materials, certificates, service awards and legal documents. The seal is reserved for these designated purposes and is not meant for marketing materials.

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