Honoring the legacy of William L. Henrich, MD, MACP

“It is our deep abiding respect for the precious gifts of life and health and our devotion to making—to the extent we can—those essentials available to every single person we have the privilege to touch. That is our mission moving forward. It’s the underlying reason why we work so hard.” – William L. Henrich, MD, MACP
Our beloved William L. Henrich, MD, MACP, served as president of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio from 2009 to 2024. In his 15 years as president, he transformed UT Health San Antonio into a top-ranked academic health center.

We invite you to share your memories of Dr. Henrich and what he meant to you. 

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Diane Carranco from San Antonio
I worked with Dr. Henrich briefly when I was in the LSOM Medical Dean's office and he was still the Medical Dean. He had such a vibrant, can-do attitude. My fondest memory is attending his Welcome ceremony in the Holly Auditorium, after he was named President. His drive and passion about what he wanted to accomplish was evident and I loved his saying about pushing through with that passion about starting and getting the job done by saying "Drive it like you stole it". I still say that to myself now at times when I'm pushing through something and I always think of him standing at the podium, looking out to all of us UTHSA faculty, staff and students when he said it. I'd like to think he's in Heaven, already on a mission and driving it like he stole it! 🙂
gina castro from San Antonio
I went to a campus wide meeting that was held and Dr. Henrich was the speaker. This was my first time seeing him in person. I was amazed at how he took control of the room and was very personable. Most presentations seem scripted, but I could tell he was speaking from his passion. I did not work with him directly at all, but I can share that his presence and mission was known by all staff of UT Health.
Kelly L. Durham from Cadiz, KY
Dr. Henrich embodied kindness, humor, and true care of other people. He was a truly transformative person, doctor and leader. He guided UT Health SA into the future and he left a monumental legacy for UT Health, San Antonio, and the world. “It's the journey that matters, soak it in. Learn lessons out of it. Impact positively so that if you never get to your destination, at least you'd leave a legacy to be remembered.” ― Emem Uko
Janet F. Williams, MD from San Antonio
Dr. Henrich’s smile was magnificent! It radiated the pure love, optimism and humanity that underpinned his life work. He paused to appreciate each person, and was in turn, deeply appreciated for his leadership grounded in thoughtful respect, humility and kindness. He had a wonderful sense of humor, such that even his own foibles were fodder for mirth and a blush. Dr. Henrich believed in our potential and was an amazing and inspiring leader for us all. He is deeply missed.
luke newton from san antonio
15 yrs ago when i had been faculty for a few years, I was having a mid work day lunch with my wife and 2 young daughters at the old Aldos restaurant. He was there at the table next to me with his grown daughter and his grandchildren doing the same thing. we made eye contact as we were leaving and he smiled and nodded.
Patricia J Smith from San Antonio
I have many fond memories from the beginning of his time at UT Health. When he was Dean of the SOM, he would arrive at his regular appointment with the President and then check his watch to see if the scheduled time was actually going to become a reality! He had such aspiring goals and purpose for our University, not only for its future direction pertaining to tangible multi-storied structures, but pertaining to people, their talents and gifts and how they could add overall yet personal value while making lives better. On a personal level, he was such a kind and genuine boss who took the time while extraordinarily busy to listen to what was being said. Before retiring at the end of 2019, I had the pleasure of working with 3 admirable Presidents and will remember Dr Henrich for his integrity, courage and example. Well done, good and faithful servant. - Pat
Mary Jane Sweet from San Antonio
The memories that stick with me are the wonderful video messages President Heinrich sent us during the pandemic. His soothing message and calm voice gave us all such reassurance.
Louise Andrews from SAN ANTONIO
Dr. Henrich was the perfect example of a compassionate individual treating others as he would like to be treated. With gratitude and respect, I hold him in the highest regard. It has been an honor and privilege to work for Dr. Henrich.
Michael Geelhoed from San Antonio
I was lucky enough to help Dr. Henrich on a few different occasions with injuries he had from back in the days when he used to do triathlons. Several years later, when my wife needed a referral to a cancer specialist, Dr. Henrich, busy man that he was, made sure she got the highest quality care from UT Health physicians, and made several follow up calls and emails to check on her. He always had a way of making a personal connection, regardless of all of the other priorities he had in his busy life. He will be greatly missed.
Julie Beth Barnett from San Antonio
My Dad, (a fellow MD) and I created an endowment for PT students. The endowment office wanted Dr. Henrich to meet my Dad, who was older and had trouble walking distances. Dr. Henrich came over to meet us in the anatomy lab to thank him for his donation. My Dad forever mentioned "that good President you have at UT San Antonio.".
Dr. M. Danet Lapiz Bluhm from San Antonio
As Chair-Elect, Chair and then now Past Chair of the UT Health Faculty Senate, I have had the distinct honor of working with Dr. Heinrich. We met regularly. I have observed how he was truly vested for faculty welfare and was always open to know about faculty issues, suggestions and questions. He always followed-up on his promised action items. He would indicate so if he is not familiar certain topics or issues. I would also remember his sense of humor. At events, he has this uncanny knack of making people laugh. Thank you, Dr. Henrich, for all you have done! Your legacy lives on! Danet
Bettie Sue Masters, Ph.D. from Durham, North Carolina 27707
It was my privilege to know Bill Henrich and to serve as a faculty member for the last 7 of my 26 years at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UT Health San Antonio) under his presidency. His door was always open to me when expressing viewpoints and concerns of the faculty because he recognized the importance of the roles of the faculty in its educational and research functions. Accordingly, he supported those roles. Bill was always organized, thoughtful, caring and visionary. It was a delight to meet with him one-on-one, as well as to hear his state-of-the-institution addresses, whether they brought good news or bad. He brought dignity to UT Health San Antonio, which has contributed so much to the health and welfare of the San Antonio community. The influence and motivation of his spirit will be felt deeply by the San Antonio community for decades to come. —Bettie Sue Masters, Ph.D.
John Lazarine
The thing I will remember most about Bill was his servant leadership. He lived his passion for helping those in need or those he could lift up. Whether that was an encouraging word, offering guidance or literally putting his healing hands on a patient - he was always in service to others. He loved his family and his community, and that was evident not only in his words, but more importantly in his actions. To his family - thank you for sharing your husband, your Dad and your Grandpa with so many of us. Lifting you all in prayer.
Mireya Martinez from San Antonio
Dr. Henrich was a true gentleman and a gifted physician. I will miss his smile and witty personality, and am honored to have worked alongside him for 15 years.
Margaret Decker from San Antonio
It is with deep sadness that I send my sincerest condolences to our wonderful President Henrich. I will miss not being able to take photos with him, as he was so friendly & never said no. I didn't know our President personally; however I've been working here for 19 years & remember interacting with him. He will be deeply missed.
Nora Wagner from San Antonio
Dr. Henrich will be greatly missed. He had a humble heart. No event was too big or too small for him; from a grand opening to an admin potluck, he made no distinctions. I am honored to have met him and to have worked under his leadership. May he rest in eternal peace.
Emily Bettancourt from San Antonio
I've worked in the Office of the President almost 9 years. During this time, I so admired President Henrich's humility and was awed by his intelligence. I'm a witness to his constant giving of his precious time; countless occasions observed his loving and compassionate generosity as he genuinely cared for many. We enjoyed so many laughs; shared snacks, lunch hours on occasion; stories; happy and sad days in our lives. I've never met anyone like him and probably never will again. I was so blessed to know and work with him. He is irreplaceable and his absence is felt. Love you Dr. Henrich. Until we meet again. Emily
Amy Tawney from Boerne
Dr. Henrich was an amazing leader who has a lasting impact on many. He was a beloved and highly respected President and a compassionate and incredible person. I appreciated his humor, wit and engaging stories and insights. He will be dearly missed by us all.
Jack Willome from San Antonio
Bill was one of the most visionary, enthusiastic, inspiring leaders I’ve known. He transformed the physical campus of UTHSCSA and he masterfully recruited world class physicians, researchers and administrators, using these new facilities to radically enhance the wellbeing of the South Texas region. He was also warm, personable and friendly. It was fulfilling and rewarding to serve with Bill as a volunteer and donor, to help materialize his vision. A few years after his first stem cell transplant, our oldest son Eddie needed one. Bill was generous with his time, meeting with Eddie and me to share his experience. His encouragement was a major influence on Eddie’s decision to plunge forward. Likewise, Mary was generous in sharing with Dee & me her experience as Bill’s caregiver. We will be forever grateful for the impact for good that Bill and Mary have had on our lives! They exemplified lives in harmony with our Creator’s flow of love, which manifested in them, through them and as them. Mary, John, Emily and the grandchildren are upmost in our prayers as they move through this valley of grief.
Heather Hanson from San Antonio
I first interacted with Bill at a UT Health San Antonio dinner where he gave out his cell phone number to 250 attendees. Truly wanting to help who he could. Beyond individuals, Bill was supportive of San Antonio's biomedical community with ideas, advice, resources and functional actions. His personal mission for people shown through his actions.
Rhonda Music from ELMENDORF
When I returned to San Antonio after working in NYC, I knew I wanted to come back to UT Health to work. I was offered a position in the Office of the President. One thing I quickly learned is that Dr. Henrich loved being a doctor and loved helping people find the care they needed. He was witty and funny. He would come to my office to just talk sometimes. We talked about family, books and movies. He loved UT Health but his love for his family always shone through. He was one of the most amazing doctors I have ever worked with.
Margaret Kelley, M.D. from San Antonio
To the family of Dr. Henrich and the UT Health San Antonio Community, I extend my sincerest condolences in memory of Dr. Henrich. He did so much to train medical professionals and to elevate the standard of care in our community. Fondly, Dr. Margaret Kelley University Health Board of Managers Community OB/GYN
Christie Garza from San Antonio
I am filled with great sadness hearing of Dr. Henrich passing. It was only last year that I met him on my first clinical day. I ran over and introduced myself and let him know I was excited to be a part of such a great organization. He smiled so big and took the time just to converse with my classmate and myself even though we caught him on his way out. He happily took a few photos with us. I am so happy we were blessed to meet him. What an inspiring, kind, and humble individual he was. He will be greatly missed.
David Weiss from San Antonio
President Henrich was an incredible mentor to me and a strong supporter of the Graduate School here at UT Health San Antonio. I have never met such a combination of vision, wisdom, kindness, humility, and compassion. I will especially miss our regular monthly meetings, which always began with a discussion of family or swimming, or just life in general. Rest in peace, Bill.
Jacqueline Mok and V. Grayson Dyer from San Antonio
President Henrich was the epitome of a Renaissance Man: He had the curiosity of a scientist, the passion of an artist, and the soul of a humanitarian. He found ways to connect with each person, with humility, authenticity, humor, and grace.