On-Demand Urgent Care is for minor, urgent concerns that can be treated virtually. It is not for serious or life-threatening illness and injuries.

On-Demand Urgent Care can help with:

Colds & Flu
Sore Throat
Flu Symptoms

Stomach Symptoms
Acid Reflux


Skin Conditions

Step 1: Log-In or Create your MyChart Account

On-Demand Urgent Care appointments are held through MyChart, our free, secure online health portal where you can have video appointments, view lab results, message your providers, request refills and more.

Already have a UT Health MyChart account?

Log in to your MyChart account

Or create your MyChart now.
*You must already be a UT Health San Antonio patient to create a MyChart account.

MyChart is also available as a mobile app:

Step 2: Download Zoom


It’s a good idea to test your video, audio, and network connections by joining a test meeting, using this link https://zoom.us/test

Step 3: Have your appointment


Answer a few, short questions and reserve your appointment slot.

Then, start your appointment using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

If using your computer or laptop, it will need to have speakers/earphones, a microphone and a camera.

What people are saying about UT Health On-Demand

Patient Testimonials

“I was amazed at how easy it was.”

“Easy to use and convenient.”

“This type of technology is greatly appreciated. It has saved me so much time in travel and waiting period at a doctor’s office. It was great being able to do this from home and I will continue to do this in the future. Great work!”

Launching your On-Demand Urgent Care appointment is easy.

Open the MyChart app on your mobile device or visit the MyChart website

web camera icon

Click Menu and then click the On-Demand Urgent Care video camera icon

Answer a few, quick questions to launch your visit

You’ll be notified via text or email when your provider is ready to see you


Do I need to schedule an appointment?

No. Our patients love our On-Demand service because it offers convenient care, without scheduling an appointment. Whether it is from the comfort of your home – or wherever you are in Texas – no prior appointment is needed. Simply log in to MyChart and then click On-Demand Urgent Care.

What should I expect on my first virtual visit?

Your virtual encounter with your provider will be as similar as possible to a typical in-person visit. Our primary care team will be able to arrange follow-up care, order prescriptions and provide instructions for your next appointment.

What do I need to prepare?

Find a private space with limited background noise and good lighting for your video visit.

You can have your on-demand visit using your smartphone or tablet. If you use a laptop or computer, it must have a microphone, a camera and speakers or connected earbuds/headphones.

Visits are held through MyChart, via a secure HIPAA protected Zoom video. Make sure you have a MyChart account and know how to log in. You will also need to download Zoom.

Log in to MyChart

Create your MyChart account (Must already be a UT Health patient)

Get Zoom for your computer or mobile device


Can I request to see my regular primary care provider?

Please use MyChart or call your primary care office if you are already a valued Primary Care patient at UT Health San Antonio. That will ensure you are able to schedule a virtual telehealth appointment with your usual provider or care team.

Our primary care providers seeing patients on-demand come from our primary care locations throughout San Antonio and the Hill Country.

See you soon!

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Current estimated wait time: 25 minutes

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