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San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics

Four prominent research entities unite in a groundbreaking collaboration to advance high-impact biomedical research.


Stimulate synergistic efforts by creating a unique collaboration to improve the health of San Antonio’s increasingly diverse population through precision therapeutics.

A Bold Collaboration

Driven by a shared vision to leverage the robust scientific community and strengths of one of the fastest-growing cities in America, the leaders of four prominent research entities unite in a groundbreaking collaboration. This powerful partnership aligns the unparalleled bioscience capabilities, resources and military medicine opportunities available in San Antonio to improve health care in Texas and beyond.

Together, Southwest Research Institute, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, UT Health San Antonio, and the University of Texas at San Antonio, will advance innovative and high-impact biomedical research in prevision therapeutics. Partnering also with UT Health San Antonio’s Military Health Institute, the novel work is among the nation’s most pioneering collaborations in research.

Precision Therapeutics – A Discernable Difference

This is not the standard, one-size-fits-all medicine, but rather a tailored – or personalized – approach of medicine based on a patient’s individual lifestyle, environment and biology that is backed by research on specific populations. Precision therapeutics offers patient-focused, personalized health care solutions through targeted research, notable drug discovery and more effective interventions and therapies.

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This partnership serves as a novel generator for advanced and timelier biomedical breakthroughs that accelerate the delivery of life-saving treatment options. The partnership aligns and maximizes the unique research and service delivery capabilities of each of the participating institutions in a vastly diverse population that includes robust military medicine initiatives. By overlaying the research and therapeutics channels with innovative “multi-omic” approaches or big data integration in precision medicine, this partnership provides the infrastructure to develop individualized therapies in an effort to address the specific and diverse medical needs of San Antonio’s growing population.

Changing the Outcome

This collaborative model:

• Shifts the paradigm of how new treatments are developed
• Strengthens the efficacy of therapies targeting cancer, obesity, diabetes, infectious diseases, and more
• Allows for integration of the complete drug development pathway

The outcome is improved, personalized patient care with faster drug delivery, shorter recovery times and more life-saving options.

The San Antonio Advantage

This bold partnership distinguishes San Antonio as a national and international leader in precision therapeutics. With San Antonio as the hub of this visionary collaboration, scientists, researchers and health car professionals have access to the city’s significantly diverse populations including its robust military community. Diversity is key to discovering improved drug therapies and identifying individual treatment options that truly work.

San Antonio, positioned like no other city in the country, is brimming with opportunities to advance effective, personalized precision therapeutics.

Infographic containing the following information: Our 4 core institutions are in the nations 7th largest city. The population of San Antonio, Texas, is 1.5 million. The population is 65% Hispanic, 91% of which are of Mexican descent. There are 31,000 active duty military personnel in San Antonio.

Our Objectives

The San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics merges the resources of stellar academic and research institutions unlike any other to integrate the complete drug development pathway from basic research, drug discovery and testing to clinical trials, to more effective life-saving solutions.

• New discovery driven by maximizing emerging technology and scientific data
• Deepening understanding of human biology for diverse populations
• Bold new approaches to resistant diseases
• Drive down the cost of care
• Improve the lives of patients

For more information contact:

Liz Tullis
Interim Program Director

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