Click here for the presentation and handout from the most recent Stakeholder Update Session. The information summarizes the project, the rationale and the progress made to date.

This is an exciting time for UT Health San Antonio! We have a bold vision for the future and a strategic plan to get us there. Most importantly, we have a great team to make it happen – YOU! UT Health San Antonio’s financial position is strong and we are positioning the organization for growth. We must evaluate how to function more effectively so that we can support the infrastructure necessary to achieve our financial and growth targets ultimately delivering on our mission of providing exceptional education, research and patient care to serve our community.

We’ve officially kicked off the 2018 Organizational Assessment for Growth and Effectiveness that will help evaluate operational processes and functions across our organization in an effort to look at ways we can conduct our business more efficiently. We have heard repeatedly from both faculty and staff many of our processes for getting things done within UT Health can be burdensome, confusing, and/or inconsistent.

Through your input and influence, we will work together to come up with specific ways, including some significant changes in how we operate, that will advance UT Health San Antonio’s ambitious five-year goals of growing our university and to deliver on our mission of expanding service to the community through preeminent education, research, and patient care.

Everyone has a chance to influence what our organization becomes. We are grateful for all that you do for UT Health San Antonio. Without you, none of this would be possible. We are excited about our future and how we will continue to Make Lives Better ® for our community. With your continued support and input, we know that this initiative will be an absolute success and allow us to execute a most exciting strategic future for our extraordinary organization.

The 2018 Organizational Assessment for Growth and Effectiveness will include a detailed assessment of the overall administrative organizational and operational structure, technology and business practices for both central and distributed support/shared services throughout all of UT Health San Antonio.

The project is designed to review all departments, support services and functions in the entire organization to evaluate and maximize use of resources. Achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency will allow us to compete more effectively, grow faster and sustain our mission for the long-term — all within the increasingly complex and constrained environments of education, research and healthcare.

To accelerate these improvement efforts, UT Health San Antonio has engaged Huron Consulting Group in this endeavor. Huron is a leading provider of higher education consulting services and works on similar projects with numerous complex institutions like ours.

Promoting the development of solutions using input from as many people as possible in our organization is important so the assessment is engaging a wide array of stakeholders throughout UT Health and is soliciting perspectives on administrative, support and management functions. Stakeholders representing each area of the organization will engage in the development of relevant, actionable solutions in our organizational structure, talent management initiatives, technology application, and business process design.

The intent of the discussion will be to help us understand the support needs at all levels of the organization focusing on several functions including, but not limited to:

  • Departmental support (administrative assistants, other administrators)
  • Research administration (research coordinators, research administrators)
  • Academic support
  • Finance (business administrators, accounting staff, other finance staff)
  • Facilities
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and communications
  • Practice plan support

This assessment will culminate in the last quarter of 2018 and include specific recommendations on ways our organization can become more efficient and easier to use. Making changes in how we operate will not be easy, as change is always difficult; however, modernizing our systems and processes is imperative for us to succeed in moving the university forward better positioning it  – and the incredible work we do – for success.

If you have ideas, suggestions or want to offer feedback, there are many ways to participate.

A dedicated email inbox has been setup as a resource for all questions, concerns, and general feedback. You can contact the project team at

Project leadership is collecting feedback from stakeholders across the organization, including you! Please complete the short questionnaire (provided via the link below) with any relevant suggestions that you believe may contribute to this project’s success.  Click HERE to submit your feedback.

Please note that your responses are confidential. We have engaged Huron Consulting Group to help compile these results. While providing contact information is optional, it may be critical to allow your recommendations to be thoroughly analyzed and captured and allow opportunities for direct follow-up, if needed.

Additional Points of Interest

  • This is an all-inclusive review of the organization to include all schools, units, areas, and departments evaluating administrative and operational structure, functions and roles as well as technology and business practices with the intent of discovering opportunities for greater effectiveness in how we operate. 
  • To position the organization for growth of up to $175-200 million in five years, it is imperative we better understand the complete institutional infrastructure that will be required to deliver the talent, technology, business practices and processes in administrative as well as support/shared services to execute growth successfully.
  • The outcome of this assessment is to provide numerous options for UT Health to consider that allows for an adjustment of its operating model to enable significant growth of the organization and the execution of its strategic plan in a more seamless and effective manner.
  • The six-month assessment will engage numerous stakeholders across the university to ensure as much input as possible, so it is critical that committee members support the dialogue and communication about the initiative and the imperative nature of this work.
  • The primary focus of the stakeholder discussions with Huron team members is to better understand what barriers our faculty and staff face when trying to get work done, primarily in administrative and operational functions, as well as in business processes.

Interviews, one-on-one meetings, focus groups, and surveys (including the Activity Assessment) have been deployed to more than 1,000 employees and this number continues to grow each day. And there are more than 50 leaders across the enterprise who are working hard on a committee. Below are the different committees and those team members who are serving in a leadership capacity for this engagement. This does not include the hundreds of additional stakeholders that will be included in the 6 to 8-month process.

Steering Committee

Chair: Michael Black, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Co-Chair: Dr. Eileen Breslin, Dean – School of Nursing

Heather Adkins, Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Dr. Ramon Cestero, Department of Surgery, Chair – Faculty Senate

Yeman Collier, Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Dr. Andrea Giuffrida, Vice President for Research

Gabe Hernandez, Vice Dean for Finance, Long School of Medicine

Dr. Robert Hromas, Dean – Long School of Medicine

Patrick Kaminski, Assistant Vice President, Strat. Planning & Business Development

Andrea Marks, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Jacqueline Mok, Vice President for Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs

Stephanie Romero, IMS, Chair – Staff Advisor Council

Dr. Adriana Segura, Interim Dean – School of Dentistry

Dr. David Shelledy, Dean – School of Health Professions

Amy Tawney, Vice President and Chief HR Officer

Project Management Team

IMS: Mike Gerwitz

IMS: Sherry Rime

Business Affairs: Amber Sharp

HR: Ernest Vasquez

Operating Committee

Co-Facilitator: Gabe Hernandez, Vice Dean for Finance, Long School of Medicine

Co-Facilitator: Andrea Marks

Co-Facilitator: Amy Tawney

Business Affairs: Ginny Gomez-Leon, Jerry Long

Facilities Planning & Operations: Jim Kazen

Human Resources: Misty Gaeke, Heather Kobbe

IMS: Brian Cartee, Stephanie Romero

Strategic Planning: Patrick Kaminski

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: Dr. Nicquet Blake, Natalina Martinez

School of Dentistry: Ayla Bender, Dr. Suman Challa

School of Health Professions: Matt Anderson, Dr. Bridgett Piernik-Yoder

School of Medicine: Dr. Manzoor Bhat, Cynthia Clemons, Dr. Robert Leverence, Dr. Lillian Liao, Monique Lopez, Diana Morrison, Richard Nuttall, Stephanie Shelton, Dr. Jeremy Viles

School of Nursing: Dr. Sara Gill, Jennifer Johnstone

Research: Dr. Mark Nijland, Curt Schiebel